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A New Beginning by 001glaceonice001
A New Beginning
Clouds of dust were just starting to settle, when he opened his eyes and stood up, for what seemed like the first time in forever. He felt so light, everything felt so light. And bright. When had the world gotten this bright?
He stood there for a moment, confused. Where was Simba? And the stampede? And Scar? Scar...
Had he imagined it? No, no it all seemed too real. He looked down at his paws, and the cuts had remained there still from Scar's claws. His own brother though? His own flesh and blood had tried to kill him? He knew Scar had always envied him, but never had he though Scar would ever try to hurt, let alone kill his own brother.
"You're finally awake!"
Mufasa quickly looked up, to see a young cub sitting there, staring at him with bright blue eyes. He had never seen her before. She must have come from another Pride. Where were her parents?
"For a second I thought you got lost," she said. "A lot of creatures get lost on their way here."
"Lost?" Mufasa didn't understand what this cub meant. How could he get lost? He hadn't moved since... "How long have I been asleep?"
"Asleep..." she looked down, and frowned. "A week, I think. Maybe two. But don't feel bad. Some animals takes years to wake up!"
"Years?" He still didn't quiet understand. "How could an animal sleep for years?"
She glanced at him, then stood up and nodded over in the other direction.
"We should get going," she said. "You need to see someone."
But, he didn't want to follow her. He had so many questions. How had he fallen asleep for a week? How did no one find him? What happened? Instead, he sat down, and stared at the cub.
"We have to go!" she exclaimed.
"Before we leave," he said calmly, "I have a few questions."
"But we have to--"
"How did I not die?" he questioned. "I would have needed water. How was I able to sleep for that long and not die?"
"Oh," she looked away from him, staring down. "I knew this was going to happen sooner or later."
"What?" Mufasa stood up.
"You don't know," she said. "Didn't you see your life?"
"My life? What do you mean?"
"Your life! You're supposed to see it before..." she trailed off.
He paused, staring at the young cub. What was she talking about? How was he supposed to see his life?
"It goes by really fast," she started to walk away from Mufasa, leading him. "If you blink you'll miss it."
"I still don't understand," he exclaimed, taking a step closer to her. "What are you trying to say?"
"You..." she thought for a moment, considering her words very carefully. But there was no easy way to say what had happened. "You...were killed."
"Killed?"he repeated. "I...I don't believe it."
"See for yourself," she looked over him, back behind where a tree branch laid, cracked, broken. Then, suddenly, everything started going backwards. The flesh on his bones started to become more fresh, lively. His body was became back to his former self. He watched on, horrified at what he was seeing. Sarabi has shown up at some point, and he watched as she gripped onto his body, crying and cursing at the heavens, and then she would leave, back to Pride Rock, back before she knew what had happened. He could see little Simba coming back, and Scar was speaking to the young cub. Scar, that monster. It kept going back and back, until it was just Mufasa lying, dead and alone. And then, his body started to float in the air. No, not float. He was going back. Back to the side of the gorge. Back into Scar's paws.
The stampede was coming back, back to relive this horrible experience.
And then it happened. Mufasa stared at his body being thrown down, to fall to his death. He just stared as the stampede ran on, some stepping on the King, other's just terrified and running.
He had seen it with his own eyes, and yet it still seemed so fake. He couldn't be dead. No, he was standing right now, he wasn't dead. There was no way!
"I'm going to stop it now," the cub said. "I don't think you want to see what happens next."
"No," he couldn't tear his eyes off of his dead body. "Keep going. Something has to happen. I can't be dead. Simba and Sarabi...they need me..."
"It doesn't get any better," her voice sounds empty, broken. "It would just be better to leave it alone."
"Simba was the one who found me," he said quietly, staring at the ground. "Where is he?"
"He...ran away. Your brother scared him, and told him to run. He got away though. He's alive and--"
"What's going to happen to him?" he turned to the cub. "And the Pride?"
"I don't know," she admitted. "I can't go forward in time. Only back. You can do the same. If you ever want to watch your lifer again." She started to walk away. "Sometimes it gets really boring here, so watching your life helps." She paused for a second, then perked up her ears and looked up. "I almost forgot to introduce myself! I know who you are, Mufasa. I'm Safi."
"nice to meet you Safi," he said politely. "Wait. If you're here, then those that mean you...?"
"Oh, uh, yeah," she said, glancing away. "I...uh...I died two years ago."
"Are your parents...?"
"They are still alive. They actually have another cub." She smiles. "He's so cute. We have the same eyes."
They both remained silent for a moment, untill Safi started to walk away again.
"Come on," she said. "We have to go. There's someone you need to see. They've waiting for you."

I might start making a new story about Mufasa in the afterlife. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this, but I like the idea. I haven't really read any other stories where it shows what happened to him.
Vitani and Kopa by 001glaceonice001
Vitani and Kopa
I drew this on MS paint. That's probably why it looks shitty xD This is Kopa and Vitani and young cubs. Originally, this was just going to be Vitani and that's it, so I was going to add Kovu, but instead changed him to Kopa.

Also, I've been on and off about leaving this account, and idk if i should or not. If you guys want me to stay, then I'll try, but I just don't know :/ I just keep saying I'm going to leave or stop doing this, but then I just randomly draw this stuff, so I might be on again, I just don't know how often.
Alright, to be honest, I miss writing TLK stories! They were so fun and even though my writing sucked, it was nice to write daily. With my poetry, Ihave to get in a deep place, but whereas just writing stories, it's easier. I would post my book that im writing on here, but its not done and I still need to edit it :/ But anyway, I'm back!....again....sorta....
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My real name? Call me Kayla (hehehe) nah really I'm Kayla :p
Artist | Student | Other
United States
i like Pokemon :) and lion king so don't be shocked if i make TLK art :)

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